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Trion® FPGAs

Low power, small form factor, priced for high volume

QuantumTM eFPGA & ASIC

Ultra high volume, value production path

Efinity® Integrated Development Environment

Easy to use software

Quantum FPGA Technology

Traditional FPGA
efinix traditional FPGA

efinix quantum

Advantages over traditional FPGAs

  • 4X Better Power-Performance-Area (PPA)
  • 7 layers of metal vs.12+ layers in traditional FPGA
  • Single architecture scalable to 1 million+ logic elements (LE)
  • Silicon process agnostic

Architectural Highlights

  • Flexible, fine grained
  • Software configurable logic/routing
  • High performance adaptive interconnect
  • Hybrid place and route algorithm
  • Standard silicon recipe

Trion® FPGAs (Gen 1)

Trion driving edge AI computing

  • Focus on Consumer, Industrial Markets, Communications Markets with varied applications
    • Traditional FPGA markets
    • Emerging edge AI computing markets
    • Applications: mobile, IoT, LED, automation, robotics, video, audio, sensing integration, display, computer vision, etc.
  • 4K to 120K LEs on 40LL SMIC silicon process
  • Traditional SRAM-based FPGA
    • Masked option for T20/T13/T8/T4 – boots internally vs. using a configuration device
  • Optimized for low power
  • Hard core blocks for DDR memory controllers and D-PHY v1.1 and CSI-2 v1.3
    • Up to 3 independent RX/TX interfaces, 4 lanes x 1.5 Gbps

Trion Family Table

Logic Elements (LEs) 3.888 7.384 12.828 19.728 31.680 54.195 84.096 112.128
Mask Programmable Memory - - - -
Embedded RAM bits (kb) 77 77 727 1.044 1.475 2.765 4.055 5.407
18 x 18 Multipliers 4 4 24 36 120 150 240 320
49-ball FBGA
(0.4 mm, 3x3 mm)
4 33(1)|1(2)|-(3)  
80-ball WLCSP   33(1)|5(2)|-(3)|1,1(4)|-(5)  
81-ball FBGA
(0.5, 5x5 mm)
55(1)|1(2) 55(1)|1(2)|-(3)  
144-pin LQFP
(0.5, 20x20 mm)
  97(1)|5(2)|6,6(3)   97(1)|5(2)|6,6(3)  
169-ball FBGA
(0.65, 9x9 mm)
256-ball FBGA
(0.8, 13x13 mm)
324-ball FBGA
(0.65, 12x12 mm)
400-ball FBGA
(0.8 16x16 mm)
484-ball FBGA
(0.8, 18x18 mm)
576-ball FBGA
(0.65, 16x16 mm)

(1) GPIO
(2) PLLs
(3) LVDS Pairs (TX, RX)
(4) MIPI 4-Lane D-PHY with CSI-2Controller (TX,RX)
(5) DDR3, LPDDR3, LPDDR2 (800 Mbps)

Reconfigurable Acceleration Platform (RAP)

Standalone FPGA
Trion® and Trion Titanium FPGA Devices

  • Reconfigurable FPGA
  • Embedded hardened IP
  • Ready to use

Multi-Chip SIP
Trion, Trion Titanium and Subsystems Chiplets

  • Known good die
  • SIP packaging for minimal size
  • Custom SIP configuration

Domain Specific Silicon
Monolithic Integration of FPGA and Custom Subsystem

  • Integrated customer subsystems
  • Custom SoC configuration
  • Efinix soft IP ecosystem

Quantum Core Licensing
Monolithic Integration of Quantum into Custom ASIC

  • Quantum core in GDS
  • Core integration guidelines
  • Manufacturing test support
Titanium Ti60 F225 Entwicklungsboard von Efinix

Titanium Ti60 F225

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Efinix veröffentlicht die 2. Generation des Sapphire RISC-V Core

Titanium RISCV Board

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