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TouchNetix aXiom Experience Box

TouchNetix specialises in the design and manufacture of touch-sensitive technologies. The UK company offers a wide range of products including capacitive touch screens, touch sensitive sensors, touch controller ICs and related technologies. Customers are generated from the automotive, aerospace, medical and consumer electronics industries.

TouchNetix's force sensing technology integrated in aXiom is mainly used in the automotive and industrial markets. It provides accurate and reliable measurements of force on a surface such as a touch screen from 0.1 N (10 g) to 20 N (2000 g). The aXiom technology also offers special multi-force position detection up to a spatial distance of 1.5 cm. Due to the high sensitivity and high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) of the aXiom chip, even weak force signals are precisely detected. The aXiom technology accurately detects the presence or position of a user's finger over the touchscreen or touch surface, enabling non-contact user interfaces.

Touchmonitors, with integrated aXiom technology, can use force-sensing to verify certain operating steps. This means that additional pressure is required, avoiding inaccurate touch instructions caused by a slipped finger in a moving vehicle, for example. By combining multi-force technology with parallel multi-touch measurements, the aXiom HMI chips provide safety-enhancing systemic redundancy from two separate sensor measurement systems.

TouchNetix's patented force-sensing technology is mechanically easy to integrate because it uses low-cost standard components as well as materials suitable for the automotive industry. The technology compensates for all mechanical stack tolerances, providing increased mechanical and manufacturing reliability. All aXiom chips are qualified to AEC-Q100.

With the aXiom Experience Box, TouchNetix now offers its customers easy access to aXiom functions. The portable and lightweight solution with a size of 4.1 inches implements force sensing, touch, hover and proximity. Touchpads and smart surfaces can also be built and demonstrated. The 3D-printed solution consists of a PCB diamond touch sensor with integrated touch sensor tracks and associated electronics. In addition, customers can use the device with TouchNetix's TouchHub2 software.

"The aEB is the perfect small demonstration device for customers to easily test our unique aXiom HMI technology," says Florian Fleckenstein, Sales Director at TouchNetix. "Customers can now design with confidence and harness the full power of our industry-leading aXiom chip technology."

TouchNetix has an ISO 9001 certified QMS and an IATF-16949 certified supply chain.
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