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Wayon CSP Mosfet

WAYON is introducing a new ultra-compact 20V/17mOhm Dual-N-Channel Trench CSP MOS device with highest miniturization rate with a PCB area of only 1.5 mm² for highest integration levels. This part is well suited for application requiring best electrical and thermal performance by smallest chip area. A CSP based solution (Chip Size Package) is able to achieve better efficiency, better thermal performance and higher reliability than common parts using copper lead frames. The high density structure of the device has also a big impact on the EMI performance: Because of the low parasitic inductance of the device there is the tendency for less ringing in the application.

Wayon N and P Chanal Mosfet

WAYON is offering for its small signal MOSFET portfolio reaching from 12V up to 250V both Trench and SGT technology depending on the required focus of highest efficiency or lowest component costs.

Available configurations are Single, Dual-N/Dual-P or complementary versions in all common THT and SMD packages as well as innovative clip and flip based constructions for low RDS(on), high reliability and better power cycling capability.

More detailed part specification : Low- & Mid Voltage N- & P-Channel Mosfet Portfolio

Wayon SJ Mosfet

WAYON offers a large amount of SuperJunction MOSFETs in the voltage range from 600V to 1200V based on Deep Trench or Multi-EPI technology. Depending on the individual needs the user is able to choose the most suitable MOSFET technology for his application. All components are available in common THT and SMD industrial standard packages.

Additionally, WAYON offers new 600V to 900V solutions in space-saving housings like SOT-223, PDFN5x6 and PDFN8x8 in order to cover low and medium output power applications with compact and efficient products.

Typical target applications are power supplies, chargers, UPS, LED lighting, servers as well as medical and consumer application.

For more information, please open WAYON SuperJunction Mosfet Portfolio 2022

MPE S150

Magic Power Technology GmbH, together with its cooperation partner TRS-STAR GmbH is introducing its new 150W compact switching power supply family MPE-S150.

The Class I/Class II power supplies have single output voltages of 12V, 24V and 48V and can provide convection-cooled 100W output power up to an ambient temperature of 50°C. The standard operating temperature range is -20°C ~ +80°C. With forced air cooling the output power is up to 150W with a peak capability of 200W with 3.8s pulse duration.

With only 0.1W no-load power consumption the power supplies are meeting the future requirements on systems with very low standby power.

The low profile (1“) and small footprint of 2“x4“ make this power supplies well suitable for convection-cooled systems in space-critical environments with high temperature requirements like display devices and kiosk systems in industrial, medical and household applications.

The devices are designed to meet the EMC class B (CISPR/FCC class B) and are built in accordance to the requirements of industrial, medical and IT appliances (IEC62368-1, IEC60335-1, IEC60601-1).
Customized adaptions are possible on request.

Titanium Ti60 F225

Available now from TRS-STAR, the Titanium Ti60 F225 development board with pre-installed demos from Efinix gives developers a quick start into the Internet of Things. The kit captures video data with the included Raspberry Pi camera module, which is then processed in the Ti60 FPGA. The result can then be streamed on the included Mini DSI display. The included camera and DSI converter cards support the operation of up to two cameras and two displays. Additional components can be easily connected with the I/O expansion card included in the kit. The user receives a licence for the Efinity® software with upgrades for one year with the board. The software provides a complete toolflow from RTL design to bitstream generation, including synthesis, place-and-route, debugging and timing analysis.

The package includes the Ti60 FPGA in a FineLine BGA package, 256 MB of HyperRAM memory with x16 bits, 200 MHz maximum clock speed and up to 400 Mbps double data rate, and an SPI NOR flash memory. With the three MIPI, LVDS and GPIO high-speed connectors, it is possible to connect the boards already included in the kit or custom boards. In addition to the micro SD card slot, a USB v3.0 interface and a USB Type-C port are available for programming the flash memory or the Ti60 FPGA with Efinity® software. Four push-button switches and two DIP switches can be individually assigned. Power is supplied via a 12.0 V connection. The scope of delivery also includes a MIPI and LVDS expansion board as well as spacers with screws and nuts and 18 jumpers.

The Ti60 FPGA is available in various space-saving packages, such as the Ti60 F100. This already includes the HyperRAM and SPI NOR flash memory. The Ti60 F225 Development Board has the same size of HyperRAM memory as the F100. This allows designs to be prototyped on the development board and then easily transferred to the F100 for production.

Titanium RISCV Board

Efinix has released its second generation Sapphire RISC-V core. It is available from TRS-STAR GmbH together with the FPGA devices and development software. It is fully configurable via a graphical user interface. The 32-bit core has customised instruction functions for highly accelerated workloads. The Sapphire is compatible with both the Efinix Titanium® and Trion® FPGAS families. It is also Linux compatible with a memory management unit and offers an optional memory controller for DDR or HyperRAM.

RISC-V is an open source standard instruction set architecture (ISA) managed by the non-profit RISC-V Foundation. The modular ISA has a base instruction set and optional extension sets. RISC-V is open source and free of charge. There are currently over 65 RISC-V cores available, both commercial and open source.

RISC-V SoCs from Efinix are based on the VexRiscv core. This core is a 32-bit CPU that uses the ISA RISCV32I with I, M ,A, F and D extensions. It has the five pipeline stages of fetch, decode, execute, store and write back and a configurable function set. The SoC has a RISC-V processor, memory, a number of input and output units and interfaces for embedded user functions. This makes it easy to create entire systems with embedded computing functions and custom accelerators, all housed in the same Titanium® or Trion® FPGA.

Efinix ships a package of hardware and software files with each RISC-V SoC. To assist in the development of software applications, Efinix provides a collection of pre-compiled open source software. These packages can be used to create RTL designs based on a sample design for an Efinix development board and can be extended for custom applications. The software development environment can be set up using a sample project and own software can be created based on sample projects. The API provided can be used for this. The Software Development Kit includes an Eclipse IDE for managing projects as well as software, a GCC compiler and an OpenOCD debugger.

EIC Semiconduktor

EIC Semiconductor Ltd. a leading manufacturer of diodes and circuit protection elements and partner of TRS-STAR GmbH located in Stutensee is launching a new high current axial lead mountable button rectifier diode for industrial and automotive applications.

The diode has a breakdown voltage of 400 V and a forward current capability of 50 A average at a case temperature of +150° C. Its high surge current capability rating allows high inrush currents which can often occur during switching on DC link circuitries with high capacitive loads. Good efficiency is guaranteed by the low forward voltage drop causing low steady state losses.

The axial button housing together with the high quality diode chip is offering high power density and high design flexibility with excellent sealing reliability preventing early part degradation in rough environments.

All this makes the part ideally suited for a broad range of rectifier tasks like e.g. reverse polarity protection in automotive or industrial battery application where the market is requesting an appropriate solution with low component count, less complexity but high reliability at reasonable costs.

virlight lamp and air cleaner

Virlight® from Luxwerk, available at TRS-STAR, is the combination of a modern lamp and a highly effective air cleaner. Due to its flexible positioning and simple design, the system fits into any room concept. It inconspicuously cleans germ-laden air directly above the heads - in other words, where it is created. This means that aerosols are not dispersed throughout the room. At the same time, it provides perfect light. Virlight® quietly cleans the air of viruses and bacteria in one pass, and there is no disturbing draught. The modern efficient UVC air cleaner system is free of chemicals as well as high maintenance air filters. Virlight® is easy to install, does not get in the way and does not create a tripping hazard. A change of the UVC tube is foreseen approx. every 4 years. Optionally, the air cleaner is also available without lamp.

The device is completely developed and produced in Germany. The effectiveness was tested by the Fraunhofer IVV and the calculation of the UV-C intensity and the dose in the flow channel was done by Heraeus. The device safety with UV-C exit measurement is guaranteed by TÜV SUED.

Typical areas of application for virlight® are rooms in which aerosols are generated by people, i.e. offices and meeting rooms, in schools and universities, kindergartens and daycare centers, as well as public authorities and offices. Other areas of application are in churches, clinics and doctors' offices, retirement homes and care facilities, as well as in hotels.

Virlight® ist als LED-Pendelleuchte mit Direkt- und Indirektlicht, als LED-Deckenaufbau-Leuchte mit Direktlicht sowie als Deckenaufbau-Reinigungsmodul ohne Leuchte erhältlich.

Magic-Power compact power supply

Magic Power Technology Company Ltd. with its distribution partner TRS-STAR GmbH is introducing two new compact flush box mountable class II switching power supplies (52x44x38 mm) for easy wall installation.

Both devices have an AC input voltage range of 180V to 264V with 24V single output with an overall efficiency of up to 87%. The operating temperature range is -20°C to +50°C without derating. To prevent the damage of external circuits the parts providing latch-off overload protection for limitting the peak output power as well as short circuit and over temperature protection.

The unpotted power supply MPF-B025 has an output power capability of 20W and is working at an ambient temperature of up to +50°C without derating. Additionally it is possible to provide double output power of 40W for 30 seconds, valid for a 10 minutes cycle. Its case is made of heat-resistant durable poly-carbonate with finger protective circle holes. The potted power supply MPF-B045 has a standard output power of 40W at an ambient temperature of +50°C without derating. Both parts are designed to meet the ITE standard EN 62368-1 and EN 60335-1 applicable for household applicance.

The parts are very suitable for application requesting a flush wall mounting for technical or optical reasons.

650V E-Mode GaN-Mosfet

WAYON ELECTRONICS headquartered in Shanghai and manufacturer of Power Semiconductors and circuit protection devices and distribution partner of TRS-STAR GmbH is presenting its new gallium-nitride based (GaN) 650V enhancement Power Mosfets.

Achieving the market demand for higher efficiency and higher power density Si-Transistors are often limited by physics. WAYON with its wide-bandgap material with low parasitic influence and therefore low static and dynamic losses as well as the small temperature influence on the device parameters is able to fulfill this market demand. Because of WAYONs´ deep manufacturing experience and the use of appropriate substrate material it´s possible to use volume effects for reaching a high cost efficiency and market availability.

WAYON is starting this new family with three 650V devices with channel resistances of 450mOhm, 225mOhm and 150mOhm packed in highly integrated PDFN5060-8L packages. For supporting the design-in of this technology there are different evaluation boards available on request.

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