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Lithium-ion battery as one kind of rechargeable energy is getting more and more attentions according to
the worldwide energy saving. Based on the development concept of "Supply Safe and Reliable" EVE offers a variety of high performance lithium-ion batteries with advanced automation equipments including polymer lithium-ion cell, prismatic Lithium-ion cell, Cylindrical Lithium-ion cell, lithium-ion energy storage and power battery.

  • High Voltage:
    The operating voltage of single Lithium-ion cell is 3.7V, equivalent to 3 series nickel-cadmium battery or nickel metal hydrogen battery
  • High Energy Density:
    The energy density lithium-ion batteries varies from chemistry to chemistry.
    The specific energy density can range from 100Wh/Kg to 125Wh/Kg, and volumetric energy density from 250Wh/L to 300Wh/L
  • Environmental Friendly:
    Lithium-ion batteries contain no polluting metals, such as cadmium, lead mercury, etc., or the contents of the polluting metals are within the international standards
  • Long Cycle Life:
    The cycle life of lithium-ion battery is over 500 in normal discharge condition
  • Lower Self-discharge:
    The self-discharge rate is 2% per month, and only half of nickel-cadmium battery or nickel metal hydrogen battery

Prismatic and cylindrical lithium-ion batteries are widely used in the area of:

prd prismatic battery structure

  • Mobile Phone
  • Laptop
  • Backup Power Source
  • UPS
  • Power Tools
  • E-Bike
  • Digital Products

Polymer lithium-ion batteries could be used in even more applications because of their changeable shape, such as:

prd li polymer battery structure

  • MP3/MP4
  • Bluetooth
  • Portable DVD
  • E-Cigarette
  • E-Book
  • Toys
  • GPS

Compact Power Batteries

E-Cigarette Battery

  • With automatic production equipments, the consistency of battery performance is ensured
  • High safety and superior leakage resistance thanks to Aluminum-plastic film packaging
  • Low internal resistance and high discharge rate
  • Customized designs are available
  • Long cycle life, remaining capacity is up to 90% after 100 cycles, 80% after 300 cycles
  • Environmental friendly with ISO 14000, compliance with UL, UN and RoHS directions
  • Various types of E-Cigarette

Model Airplane Battery

  • High - rate discharging, with the highest continuous discharge at 30 C and pulse discharge at 40C
  • High energy density, and stable operating voltage, low internal resistance and fast-charging
  • With automatic productions, the consistency of the battery is ensured and suit for series-parallel assembly
  • High safety and long cycle life over 300 times
  • Customized designs are available, super light and ultra thin
  • Environmental friendly with ISO 14000, compliance with UL, UN and RoHS directions

Digital Products Batteries

  • High energy density, high and stable operating voltage, with average voltage over 3.7V
  • High safety and long cycle life over 500 times
  • With automatic production, the consistency of the battery is ensured and suit for series-parallel assembly
  • Customized designs are available,with thickness from 0.8 to 10 mm ,capacity from 40 to 5000mAh
  • Environmental friendly with ISO 14000, compliance with UL, UN and RoHS directions
  • Smartphone
  • Tablet Computer
  • Portable Power Source
  • MP3/MP4/MP5
  • GPS
  • Children’s Point Reading Machine
  • Bluetooth Headset
  • Portable DVD
  • E-Book 

Energy Storage Power Batteries

Lithium Iron Phosphate Power Battery

  • High safety and long cycle life over 2000 times
  • With automatic productions, the consistency of the battery is ensured and suit for series-parallel assembly
  • Available in cylindrical and various prismatic types, with capacities of single cell from 3 to 50Ah and battery assembly according to customers different requirements
  • High - rate discharging and stable operating voltage
  • Fast charging, cells can be recharged to 96% capacity in 30 minutes with high current
  • Wide operating temperature from -20℃ to +75℃,excellent performance at high temperature
  • Environmental friendly with ISO 14000 and ISO/TS16949, compliance with UL, UN and RoHS directions
  • Large electrombile: Bus, Electric power coach, Electric automobile, Attractions coach & Hybrid electrical vehicle ect.
  • Light electrombile:E-bike, Golf cart, Compact storage battery car, Fork-lift truck, Cleaning trolley, Electric wheel chair etc.
  • Electric tools:Electric drill, Electric saw, Cropper etc.
  • Toys:Radio Control Cars, Boat, Plane etc.
  • Solar and wind power energy equipment
  • UPS &emergency light, warning lights, magnetics (The best security)
  • Small family or business multi-function energy storage and backup power supply
  • Small medical instrument equipment and portable instrument power supply

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ALM 12V7

prd nec alm

NEC Energy Solution ALM line of monoblock lithium ion battery modules are designed as a lighter-weight, longer-lasting replacement for lead acid batteries.

  • UPS Systems: IT Server Backup, Data Centers, Desk Top UPS
  • Medical: Beds, Computer Carts
  • Telecom Backup Power: Mircro Cell Base Stations, Microwave Backhaul Sites, Cable/Fiber Nodes
  • Electric Mobility: Wheelchairs, Scooters, E-Bikes, Electric Toys
  • Security Systems: Panel Backup, Cameras, Lights
  • Autonomous Robots: Warehouse Logistics, Medical/Hospital Logistics, Hazardous Environments 
ALM 12V7 Characteristics
Nominal Voltage 13.2V
Nominal Capacity (1C) 5Ah
Nominal Capacity (4C) 5Ah
Dimensions excl terminals 151x64.5x99.7mm
Weight 855g
Available Energy 66Wh
Maximum Pulse Current 30A
Maximum Continuous Current 22.5A
Recommended Charge Method 3A CCCV to 14.4V
Max Continuous Charge 10A
Maximum Charge Voltage 14.4
Recommended Float Voltage 14.0
Operating Temperature -20 to +58°C
Recommended Storage Temperature -40 to +35°C

ALM 12V35

prd nec alm 12v35

NEC Energy Solution ALM family of lithium-ion batteries offers exceptional performance and long operating life.

  • UPS Systems
  • Telecom Backup Power
  • PV Solar-Storage
  • Off-Grid Power 
  • Electric Mobility
  • Medical Equipment 
Electrical Characteristics at 25°C12V35s12V35i HP
Nominal Voltage 13.2V 13.2V
Nominal Capacity 35Ah 35Ah
Available Energy (BOL) 462Wh 462Wh
Max. Charge/Discharge Current Pulse (1 sec) 250A 250A
Max. Inrush Current Charge or Discharge (0.3s) 500A 500A
Max. Continuous Discharge Current (to 100% Depth of Discharge) 105A 210A
Max. Continuous Charge Current 105A 210A
Max. Recommended Charge Voltage 14.4V 14.4V
Max. Charger Voltage (w/o damage) 60V 60V
Recommended Float Voltage 13.6 - 14.4V 13.6 - 14.4V
Charge time @ max rate 20 min. @3C 10min. @6C
Min. Float Voltage 13.6V 13.6V
Under-voltage Limit (min) 8V 8V
Operating Temperature -40 to +60°C -40 to +60°C
Recommended Storage Temperature -40 to +35°C -40 to +35°C
Transportation  -40 to +80°C -40 to +80°C

ALM 12V7 + ALM 12V35

NEC Energy Solution, Inc. (NED ES) warrants each NEC ES branded ALM product listed below sold by NEC ES or any of ist authorizes dealers or distributors ( a „ Product“ or collectively, the Products“), to be free from defects in workmanship or material for a period of 5 years from the data of purchase ( the “Warranty Period”).

ModelPart NumberDescription
ALM 12V7s ALM000007-01 Single Unit Package
ALM 12V7s ALM000007-09 9 Unit Package
ALM 12V7s HP ALM000008-01 Single Unit Package
ALM 12V7s HP ALM000008-09 9 Unit Package
ALM 12V35s ALM000001-01 Single Unit Package
ALM 12V35i HP CAN Bus ALM000005-01 Single Unit Package
ALM 12V35i HP SMBus ALM000006-01 Single Unit Package

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