E-Paper Displays

E-Paper Displays

e paper

E-Paper displays stand for zero power consumption during the time showing display content without any change. In other words, they only consume power while a new display content is written into the display. As a matter of fact, they are predestinated for applications price signs, door signs and everywhere, where a mainly static visualization is required.

Besides the already mentioned features, E-Paper displays provide a fantastic contrast and superb viewing angles. The can be read under normal ambient luminance without additional backlight.


* horizontal table movement: SHIFT-Key + Scrollwheel

1.50"BW/R/Y&FROZEN152 x 15237.32 x 31.8027 x 27142SSD1675/UC8151
1.54"BW200 x 20031.80 x 36.3227.6 x 27.6184SSD1608
1.54"BW/R/Y&FROZEN200 x 20031.80 x 36.3227.6 x 27.6184TBD
2.10"BW/R/Y&FROZEN212 x 10429.20 x 59.2022.92 x 47.76112SSD1675/UC8151
2.13"BW250 x 12259.20 x 29.2023.80 x 48.55130SSD 1673
2.13"BW/R/Y&FROZEN212 x 10429.20 x 59.2023.80 x 48.55110SSD1675/UC8151
2.13"BW/R/Y&FROZEN250 x 12259.20 x 29.2023.80 x 48.55130SSD1675/UC8151
2.15"BW/R/Y&FROZEN122 x 20832.20 x 59.2025.76 x 48.048110SSD1675/UC8151
2.66"BW/R/Y&FROZEN152 x 19636.30 x 71.8230.07 x 60.09125SSD1675/UC8151
2.90"BW296 x 12836.70 x 79.0029.10 x 66.85112SSD1608
2.90"BW/R/Y&FROZEN296 x 12836.70 x 79.0029.06 x 66.90112SSD1675/UC8151
4.20"BW400 x 30091.00 x 77.0084.80 x 63.60119SSD1608 x2
4.20"BW/R/Y&FROZEN400 x 30091.00 x 77.0084.80 x 63.60119SSD1619/UC8176
4.30"BW/R/Y&FROZEN152 x 52236.70 x 117.1730.07 x 105.44125EK79686
5.61"BW720 x 144067.92 x 137.6463.72 x 127.44287EK79615 x2
5.83"BW/R/Y&FROZEN648 x 480125.4 x 99.50118.746 x 88.26138TBD
7.50"BW/R/Y&FROZEN880 x 528170.20 x 111.20163.20 x 97.92137SSD1677
11.50"BW1496 x 624287.00 x 135.67270.00 x 113.00140EK3513 x2/EK73601
11.60"BW/R/Y&FROZEN960 x 640247.31 x 176.35244.152 x 163.00899SSD1677

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